General Questions:

Are you open year-round?

  • Our Gloucester and Ipswich stores are open year-round, with a limited Tuesday-Saturday schedule from late December through early April (depending on weather). Our Salisbury store is closed during the winter months of January and February (depending on weather). Please click here for more information about our hours.

Why do prices occasionally differ at your stores?

  • Although we always aim to provide products that provide great value to our customers, there are times when freight from our suppliers, volume or other factors cause us to charge different prices for the same products. Our goal is to always provide our customers with high value products.

Do you offer landscaping/planting services?

  • We do! Our services are out of our Gloucester location, and are a separate division of Wolf Hill. Please call our Gloucester store at 978-281-4480 for more information, or email We do not currently offer these services out of our Ipswich or Salisbury locations.

Do you offer Design Services?

  • We do! Our design service is out of our Ipswich location, though we travel the North Shore. Our busiest months at the Nursery are April, May & June, so please bear with us if we aren’t able to accommodate your design needs during this time-frame. For more information, call our Ipswich store at 978-356-6342 or email

Can you load my truck/trailer?

  • We sure can! Most standard extended-cab or crew-cab pickups can handle 1 yard of light materials, like mulch, and roughly 1/2 yard of heavy materials like stone & loam. Volume capacity is one consideration, but weight is even more important when considering the safe load of your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual to determine the safe payload of your vehicle. We ask that you sign a waiver when opting for us to load your vehicle, as loading can be unpredictable and un-intended bouncing stones or firewood pieces are possible.

  • We can also load your truck, van or car with trees, shrubs, furniture and plants as long as it is safe to do so. Heavy items must be within the lid limits of the vehicle, and all products must be sufficiently tarped and tied-down. We do not warranty plants that leave the yard uncovered and unsecured. We have machinery available to load large trees onto trailers & truck beds at all three locations.

What is your return policy & terms/conditions?

  • Returned merchandise must be accompanied by original receipt within 15 days of purchase.

  • No returns on final sale or special order items. All other discounted or seasonal/holiday items will be refunded at purchase price only within the 15 day return period.

  • Trees & shrubs are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase; provided they are cared for properly. Store credit for the purchased price will be issued for plants that did not survive the 1 year period. Please refer to our Planting Instruction Guide for proper care tips and full warranty information.

  • There is no guarantee on annuals or perennials, roses or grasses. These will be evaluated for return on a case-by-case basis; provided the plant is returned within 15 days and in the condition it was purchased.

  • All returned items must be in original condition with the original packaging intact.

  • Cash returns in excess of $10 will be refunded by check only.

  • Check returns are subject to a 15-day clearing period.

  • Credit card returns will be refunded back to the credit card used to make original purchase.

  • Gift card returns will be issued a store-credit.

  • Returns of delivered landscape material are subject to a minimum $50 pick-up fee.

  • All bulk, stone, pavers and cobblestone returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

  • All products sold palletized will be charged a pallet fee.

Landscape Materials Questions:

Is there a limit on bulk delivery amount? My driveway is small, and I’m not sure a truck will fit.

  • We have a 1 yard minimum on deliveries in our standard 1-ton dump trucks, or any of our vehicles. We also have large trucks capable of delivering up to 20 yards of material at a time, as long as they can fit into the delivery area and we have sufficient obstacle-free clearance to lift the dump body. Some small driveways may not be able to fit even our smallest delivery trucks, so call your local Wolf Hill and one of our delivery experts will help you decide the best options for getting the products to your home.

What is the difference between Green Wood, Seasoned Wood and Kiln Dried Wood?

  • Green wood is a product typically available in late-spring through early fall consisting of freshly cut & split firewood. It is intended to be stacked and covered for an extended period of time before it is ready to burn during the coming winter.

  • Seasoned wood is a product that has been split and seasoned in the open air to help reduce the amount of sap content in the wood. As the wood seasons and dries at our facility, it becomes ready to burn shortly after delivery to your home. Seasoned wood is stored outdoors and is still capable of absorbing moisture through the air and rain/weather, so after delivery it must be stacked and covered to allow an airflow to help bring it to a ready-to-burn state.

  • Kiln-Dried Wood is a product that has been heated in a large kiln to bring the moisture and sap content of the wood to a very low & easily burnable level. Kiln-Dried wood is a premium product that is easy to light and burns hot. Kiln-Dried wood is also a great option for burning in fireplaces and for customers who don’t burn regularly, or enjoy the ambiance during holidays and cool nights. Kiln-Dried wood must be stored in a covered, humidity controlled environment like a basement, sealed porch or garage due to the fact that it can absorb ambient humidity in the air.

Nursery Questions:

I saw a great new plant online and in a magazine. Do you have it in stock?

  • We love new plants as much as you do! Each year, there are thousands of new & exciting plant introductions, many by our friends at Proven Winners®. We wish we had room to stock all the new plants along with the trusted varieties we’ve grown to love and trust over the years, but we always run out of room. We are happy to look into special ordering a plant for you, as long as our grower partners are growing it this season. Please Contact Us with any special requests.

I found the perfect plant in one of your nurseries, can you put it on hold for me?

  • Congrats on finding a new plant friend! Whether you need to check with your condo-association, wife, your cat or boss, we are happy to hold a plant for one (1) business day free of charge.

  • Please understand that because the plant season & market is so dynamic, we are unable to hold plants longer than one (1) business day if it is unpaid. If you would like to pay in full for a plant, we are happy to hold it as long as you like, though please understand that annuals & plants in full flower go through flowering stages, and we can’t control how the plant will look when you’re ready to pick it up or have it delivered.

Do you deliver big trees and furniture? What if I have a hole pre-dug?

  • We do! We have specialized trucks with lift-gates that make delivery quick and simple. Our delivery staff is trained to respect your lawn, walkways and patio when delivering your plants or furniture, but please understand that some products are heavy and our dollies & vehicles can leave marks in lawns, especially if the ground is wet. We are happy to bring your new furniture right to your deck, patio or backyard and place it right where you like.

  • If you have a hole pre-dug for your new tree, we are happy to deliver it next to hole, as long as the space is accessible for our staff & equipment. Our delivery staff reserves the right to deliver to a suitable location if the spot you had in mind isn’t accessible. We don’t usually like to put the tree into the hole, in the case the hole isn’t deep enough or too deep, it makes it very difficult to re-size the hole with the tree in the way.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot plant your tree for you during our delivery. We have a busy delivery staff with many plants to deliver. We are happy to recommend installers to you if you need help, call us at 978-356-6342 for assistance.

What are those little green caterpillars that eat all my tree’s leaves?

  • They are winter moth caterpillars, and they sure are pests! Some years are worse than others, but lately they have been quite active. The little caterpillars grow up to be the annoying white moths that love your porch light on cool winter nights. The caterpillars become active in early spring, and they start as tiny caterpillar babies in the opening buds of plants and eat their way out to become adults. Their favorite hosts are oaks, maples, fruit trees, roses, Japanese maples, willows & viburnum (among plenty of others). By the time the leaves open fully, the damage has been done and you are left with swiss-cheese!

  • Most infestations aren’t a death sentence for the tree, although many years of repeated defoliation can stress and stunt a plant which can lead to disease and death of the plant.

  • Our top recommendation is to use a topical biological spray, such as Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew brand which contains Spinosad. Spinosad is an organic-friendly bacteria-based biological control that affects the digestion of the caterpillar. It works very quickly, and you can expect to see little caterpillars falling from your trees just minutes and hours after spraying.

  • Another biological control is BT, which is an acronym for Bacillis thuringiensis (Thuricide). BT is another type of bacteria that affects the digestion of the caterpillars similarly to Spinosad. BT can be used in conjunction with Spinosad on a seasonal-alternating basis, meaning use one product for this season and switch to the other for next year. In this way, pests aren’t able to build up a tolerance to one treatment over time and become resistant to it.

    • We carry Monterey BT in a concentrate and ready-to-spray hose end, as well as Bonide BT in a ready-to-spray, hose end and concentrate.

What about the larger fluffy brown caterpillars with blue and red spots down the back?

  • Those are most likely gypsy moths, which have a very interesting story behind them. Click here to read it. Gypsy moths can be devastating to shrubs and trees, affecting even mature 100’+ trees and defoliating thousands of acres. This pest has been especially active in our area, Cape Ann and the North Shore the past few years.

  • We recommend the same controls for Gypsy Moth as for the Winter Moth Caterpillar, which are Spinosad and BT.

  • For heavy infestations, we have other chemical controls available in store, including systemic methods and traditional sprays. Stop in any of our locations for more information.

My plant is dead or looking sick, what should I do?

  • Call us right away! We can usually give you some advice for a sick plant, but there are times when a plant is too-far-gone. Visit our warranty page to initiate a claim online, or call the store you initially purchased your plant from for advice. Please note that our warranty doesn’t cover all plants, and there is a time-limit on claims from the date of purchase.

How do you take care of all those plants?

  • During our peak season, we have well over 100,000 plants in stock between our three locations. It sure is a lot of work taking care of them all! Our dedicated staff spends countless hours unloading deliveries, handling a hose to give our plants a drink, as well as making sure they have the right care tags and price stickers. Our employees are the heart of our operation and it takes a great team to ensure you get healthy plants to make your home beautiful! Interested in becoming a team-member? Click here to see our current job openings.

Do you have any website recommendations for plant advice?

  • One of our favorite websites for information is Dave’s Garden. We find it has the right mix of real information along with reviews of plants by real people.

  • Another favorite is Missouri Botanical Garden’s Plant Finder. Incredibly detailed information about many plants and their history can be found here.

  • For a great industry tool, we like Monrovia’s website. They include their own brands of plants, as well as information of many industry standard varieties.

Berlin Gardens Online Store:

How does Ship-to-Store work?

  • Choose your products and select a Ship-to-Store option when adding to your cart.

  • Your two options are:

    • Ship-to-Store Pickup - This option means the item will ship to your closest Wolf Hill Location, will be assembled by our staff, and you may pick it up by scheduling a date with us by email or calling 978-356-6342.

    • Ship-to-Store Local Delivery (additional charge applies) - This option will also have the product shipped to your closest Wolf Hill Location and will be assembled by our staff. You may schedule a date and time for it to be delivered to your property by our delivery team after your order has been placed. We can arrange your furniture right on your deck, patio or in your backyard. Please note that locations up multiple staircases or long distances from the driveway/street will incur an extended labor charge. A delivery charge applies for this service and can be paid for and scheduled by email or calling 978-356-3642.

How does direct Free Shipping work?

  • Your product will ship to you packaged direct from the manufacturer, Berlin Gardens LLC in Ohio. If your product is pre-assembled, it will be ready to use right out of the box. If your product requires assembly, your product will arrive boxed & partially pre-assembled with thorough instructions for assembly, along with all the necessary Stainless Steel Chrome-Plated hardware and most of the tools required for assembly. Some products require an electric screwdriver with a #2 square bit (#2 bit included). Some products also require wrenches for tightening nuts. Click here for more information on product assembly.

What does dining/counter/bar height mean?

  • There are three heights for dining tables and chairs:

    • Dining Height has a table-top height of 30.25”

    • Counter Height has a table-top height of 35.5”

    • Bar Height has a table-top height of 39”

  • There are three arm heights for the accompanying chairs:

    • Dining Height has an arm height of 26.5”

    • Counter Height has an arm height of 31”

    • Bar Height has an arm height of 35”

  • A third height option, XT or Extra Tall is the tallest option available, and can be special ordered in person or by phone. XT items are not available for shipping to your home.

What if my order is damaged?

  • Berlin Gardens furniture is packed with sealed-air foam for protection, although unfortunately during the shipping process it is possible for your item to incur damage. If this happens, please contact us immediately at 978-356-6342 so we can help resolve the problem as soon as possible.

What if I’m unhappy with my product or color choice?

  • We are so sorry that you are not pleased with your purchase! Unfortunately, all online sales are final and we cannot offer any returns or refunds. We recommend that you understand the color options of our Berlin Gardens furniture before making a purchase, and we are happy to mail samples of any finish before you order. You may also pick up samples at any of our three locations, Gloucester, Ipswich or Salisbury. If you have any questions about color combinations or product questions please call us at 978-356-6342 so that we may help you decide on your final purchase. Please note that although many products feature hidden fasteners, some products have visible screws or bolts that hold your furniture together. All Natural Finish items have a texture to mimic real wood, so please note that this may affect seating comfort for some individuals.