Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture - So easy to assemble!


PDF Copies of Assembly Instructions Available Here :



Compact Box

Your furniture arrives in a compact, well protected box to your door (if Direct Free Shipping is selected).


Sealed Foam Packaging

Each piece is cushioned by sealed foam packaging to protect your new purchase during shipping.


Pre-Assembled Arms & Legs

Each chair comes in pre-assembled sections to make final assembly a breeze!


Pre-Assembled Seatback

The comfortable seat-back is also pre-assembled, so no fumbling with screws for the slats and frame pieces. Berlin Gardens takes the hard part away!


Pre-Assembled Seating Section

The final piece of the chair is the seating section, which is already screwed together with chrome-plated stainless steel screws.


Final Assembly

When you unbox all your materials, final assembly is a breeze with simple hand tools for most products. Allen wrenches are included for bolts, and most products only require a wrench for tightening and a hammer to seat the bolts before tightening.


Hardware Included

Included with every Berlin Gardens furniture piece is Chrome-plated Stainless Steel hardware, Detailed instructions, as well as Care Instructions and Warranty information. Some products may require an electric screwdriver, though a #2 square bit for the screws is included in the hardware pack.

table ASSEMBLY :


Lay Box Flat

Set box on a flat surface, with the right end up. Open the box on three sides and use the cardboard as protection against scratching your new table top.


Pre-Assembled Table Top

The supportive Aluminum frame is already fully assembled & welded for strength. Move the additional parts box to the side and keep the table top on the foam and cardboard for protection during assembly.


Pre-Drilled Bolt Holes

Perfectly aligned holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly. Tables come with an umbrella hole pre-drilled and a matching flush-cut plug for when not in use.



Pre-Assembled Frame

Frames come partially assembled to make Final Assembly a breeze. Chrome-plated Stainless Steel bolts are used to attach the legs to the top, and screws are used to attach the braces to the legs. An electric screwdriver is required, but the square #2 bit is included in the hardware pack.


Final Assembly

Just a few spins of the electric drill will attach the components of the frame assembly to the supports. After a few turns of the included Allen wrench and a standard socket or wrench, the top is attached and the table is complete and ready for dining & entertaining. The set-screw based umbrella holder in the base makes an umbrella stand unnecessary for easy set-up.


Secure Lock-Nuts and Rounded Bolts

A robust aluminum frame connects to the sturdy poly frame with nuts and bolts for a tight, worry-free table, fit for years of enjoyment and covered by a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. We deal directly with Berlin Gardens for warranty claims, there is no middle man or messy paperwork involved.

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